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Former Alabama Congressional Candidate Jessica Taylor Launches Conservative PAC

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Former Alabama congressional candidate today launched ‘NextGen Conservatives’ PAC in an effort to elect a new generation of conservative leaders to offices across America.

Jessica co-founded the Conservative Squad in her bid to represent Alabama’s second congressional district to go toe-to-toe with the likes of AOC and her “Socialist Squad.” As a first-time candidate, Jessica realized the necessity of strength by numbers to combat the threat the far-left poses to the very threads of our democracy.

“After jumping into the political arena as a congressional candidate and co-founding the Conservative Squad, my campaign message grew into my mission – to elect a new generation of conservative leaders to office across America,” said NextGen Founder Jessica Taylor. “NextGen Conservatives PAC will provide a voice and a platform for younger generations to learn about and embrace the conservative ideals that founded this country and continue to make it the greatest country in the world. We will support and amplify the voices of the next generation of conservative leaders and support them in their efforts to become elected leaders.”

The 2020 cycle was a resounding success for conservative women and the next generation of Republican leaders with every flipped seat in the House of Representatives going to a woman, minority, or veteran. NextGen Conservatives is capitalizing on that same momentum to ensure a conservative majority in the U.S. House in 2022.

Candidates endorsed by NextGen Conservatives PAC will receive a contribution from our multi-candidate political action committee, fundraising support, as well as support from our independent expenditure arm. Endorsed candidates are thoroughly vetted for their viability and strong conservative credentials.

Jessica Taylor grew up in rural Alabama and put herself through college waiting tables, earned her law degree at night, and joined the governor’s staff. In the governor’s office, she learned how private citizens can solve problems better than the government ever could, which led her to starting her own business. Jessica is unapologetically restoring the hardworking values that made America the land of opportunity it is today.